Party Pastries Macarons


Party Pastries Macarons designs all things sweet and delicious!

We make beautiful and delicious French macarons, and specialized creations for personal and professional events and celebrations such as Birthdays, Anniversarys, Weddings, Corporate events etc. Party Pastries Marcaron's aim is to ensure you have a wonderful experience and it all begins with the initial consultation with only a few simple questions. Party Pastries Macarons will work with you to design unique and special macarons, a macaron tower or a macaron cake for you!

French Macarons are the perfect treat that will leave you and your guests feeling special!

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About Michelle Tuo

Michelle Tuo is the founder and creative force behind Party Pastries Macarons.

Michelle was born in China and moved from Guangzhou to Queenstown in 2004. Immediately, she fell in love with the most beautiful country and started working at Skyline Queenstown as an assistant pastry chef.  Michelle met and worked with a few professional party chefs in the kitchen who came from all over the world.

Michelle found out about traditional French macarons from a colleague in 2010. She was amazed when she saw those luxurious treats for the first time. Therefore,  Michelle tried her hands very hard to start making French macarons and create her own unique recipes. In 2013, Michelle founded a retail store in Queenstown.

In 2019, she start working from home in Christchurch, she felt it was meant to be because it allowed her to spend more quality time with her young kids at the time.

Michelle hopes she can share these little beauty luxuries with all of New Zealand.