Yummy Macarons


Macaron Towers

Our largest Macaron Tower is a majestic display perfect for macaron party favors, Corporate events, Weddings, Baby showers and Holiday banquets. This tiered display macaron tower can be configured to fit the guest requirments of every size. Therefore, you can choose 7 levels for a small version, up to a total 10 levels, for a maximum of 230 any assorted macaron flavours. The clear macaron tower and acrylic stand are exincluded in all macaron tower orders. However, we do require a $50.00 cash deposit for the tower which will be given back once the tower is returned within 2 days in perfect condition. We will be more than happy to deliver, set-up the macarons on the tower, and pick-up the tower towards the end of your event for and additional $35.00. This service is available in Christchurch city.Please place your order at least two weeks in advance. 7 Tiers: 8 dozens (96 macarons) - $216.00 [ choose up to 3 flavours] 8 Tiers: 11 dozens (132 macarons) - $297.00 [ choose up to 4 flavours] 9 Tiers: 14 doznes (168 macarons) - $378.00 [choose up to 5 flavours] ‚Äč10 Tiers: 17 dozens (204 macarons) - $459.00 [choose up to 5 flavours]